Friday, January 29, 2010

Animoto Curriculum Ideas

Knowing that Animoto is a web-based program used to make incredible video, you might be do I actually use Animoto as part of my instruction? Here are a few examples:

Language Arts:
  • Book Trailer
  • Elements of a Story
  • Figuarative Language (examples of each)
  • Author's Purpose (how to determine)
  • Writing Process Steps
  • Research Process Steps
Social Studies:
  • Where in the World is...? (Geography)
  • History (order of events, important figures, communities and how they differ, Texas Revolution, American Revolution, influence of societies, etc.)
  • Citizenship (importance and examples)
  • Economics (identify way economy works)
  • Culture (heritage)
  • Cycles (water, life, rock)
  • Natural Resources
  • Organisms (living vs. nonliving)
  • Force
  • Ecosystems
  • Physical Properties
  • Number Operation
  • Patterns
  • Quantatitive Reasoning
  • Measurement
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Probability and Statistics
Example of Animoto used to introduce "turning point" to 4th Graders:

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