Friday, May 21, 2010

Uses of Wordle in K-6 Classroom

Word Clouds are a great tool for the classroom. Check out this slideshow by Jen Wagner on ways to use Wordle in the K-6 classroom. It has many great ideas.

Other Possible Uses of Wordle:
  • All About Me - students create describing themselves and then classmates match each Wordle to student
  • All About Me - Type the student name 2-3 times so that it stands out on the page, then type describing words beside their name.
  • Grammar Usage - nouns vs. verbs (right click on words to delete all the nouns or vice versa)
  • Year in Review - students create a Wordle containing concepts taught throughout the year. 
Other Possible Uses of Wordle for Grades 5-6:
  • Writing Tool - copy and paste rough drafts into Wordle to see overused words
  • Author's Diction - help establish mood by pasting selections from assigned reading (novels, short stories, poetry, etc.)
  • Character Analysis - type traits for one character in order of importance, create Wordle for each character, and match Wordles to characters in novel.
Click here to read how Peter Pappas recommends using Wordle to Build Literacy Skills through defining, summarizing, and comparing. 

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