Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Report Alternatives - Part 1

When a teachers says "book reports" to students that often causes a lot of reluctance. Why not use technology as an alternative to book reports?  The options shared below were gathered from an article by Kelly Tenkley. Additional resources were also added. This is part 1...which means the first 5 options.

First 5 Alternatives to Book Reports:
  1. Create a cartoon version of the book they have just read.
    • Students create a short cartoon or comic strip summarizing the book, interview two characters from the book, or have a cartoon character review the book.
    • Technology resources:
  2. Create a short video clip about the book.
    • Technology resources:
      • Kerpoof - use "make a movie" icon (K-5)
      • AnimotoEDU - must create an account (6-12)
      • FlixTime - must create an account, 60 sec videos free (6-12)
  3. Create a virtual poster advertising the book.
    • Technology resources:
  4. Create virtual bookshelves.
    •  A nice alternative to reading logs would be to create  a virtual bookshelf and write reviews of the books students read. Teachers can use Shelfari to create a class bookshelf and allows students to add books. share book recommendations, and post book reviews. Click here to start a virtual bookshelf.
  5. Create Book Adventure account.
    • Teachers create student accounts in Book Adventure. (K-8)
    • Students select books based on their reading level, age, and interests.
    • Students read a book and then take a 10 question multiple choice quiz based on that book.
    • Students earn quiz points to purchase items in the Book Adventure store. 
    • Click here to begin using Book Adventure.

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