Friday, May 25, 2012

10+ Best Apps for Dropbox

Today I found a great resource for Dropbox users...a brilliant way to expand the use of Dropbox. shares ways to sync Google Docs with Dropbox, play music from Dropbox music files, host a website or blog in Dropbox, and so forth. Below is a quick list of what apps work to further you use of Dropbox. You can read the entire article, along with video tutorials, by clicking here.

10+ Best Apps for Dropbox:
  1. Let People Drop Stuff In Your Dropbox using DropItToMe.
  • DropItToMe is a service which allows you to set up a URL specifically for your friends and clients to use for uploading things to your Dropbox. You can set a password which allows them uploading access via the URL.
  2.  Connect Dropbox With Other Cloud Documents
  • Use programs like InSync and Otixo to perform DropBox-like syncs for Google Docs or any cloud service.
  3. Add URLs to Dropbox
  • The app URL Droplet allows you to save a URL to your Dropbox to view later.
  4. Email Attachments to Dropbox
  • You can set up SendToDropbox and get a unique email address for your Dropbox which you can forward emails to if you want the attachment saved.
  • browser extension and website lets you save Gmail attachments to Dropbox from within Gmail.
  5. Encrypt Your Dropbox
  • There are several great tools to encrypt (file protection) your Dropbox, such as BoxCryptor, DataLocker and SafeBox. MakeUseOf has a great article on how to use BoxCryptor here.
  6. Edit Files from Within Dropbox
  • Using an app like TextDropApp might be a great way for you to keep notes in sync across devices and edit via a browser
  • WriteBox does much the same thing
  7. Play Music from Dropbox
  • is a way to listen to your music hosted on Dropbox via a web browser. You can already use Droptunes then. Simply add some music to your Dropbox folder and log into Droptunes
  8. Host a Website from Dropbox
  • There are a number of great apps designed to make it easy to host a website from within Dropbox.To do it more easily, there are services like DropPages, and to help you.
  9. Collect Web Clippings In Dropbox
  • GimmeBar is an app which lets you collect various web clippings for later use. You save them directly to your Dropbox, where they can be accessed from all of your devices.
10. Automate Everything Dropbox
  •  Here at MakeUseOf, we love ITFFF because it can do some awesome syncing between your favourite social networks and online data. It allows you to do some great automation with Dropbox, without needing to know anything about coding.

Source: Article by Angela Alcorn

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  1. You can also setup the Gimme Bar bookmarklet on an Apple iPad mini. Just create a bookmark, then go back and drop-in the code for Gimme Bar.