Monday, August 20, 2012

Google Formula You Need to Know

Are you interested in viewing the data in a Google Spreadsheet in a different format? Keep reading to learn how to transpose the data in a Google Form spreadsheet by adding a simple formula to make the data appear in columns instead of rows.

Data from a Google spreadsheet looks typically like this:

The transpose formula will look like this:

To transpose the data from rows to columns use the following formula:
  1. Open an existing Google Form or spreadsheet
  2. Click the + on the bottom left to create a new sheet (sheet 2)
  3. Enter the following formula in cell A1 in sheet 2:  =Transpose(Sheet1!A:H)
    • Note: Adjust A:H to the desired range of columns. If you don’t want the timestamp to show, enter B:H.
  4. Press the enter key and watch the data fill the sheet.
Source for this information can be found on Tammy Worcester's blog. Click here to read more.

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