Tuesday, December 4, 2012

App of the Week: Wordsalad

Need an app to build word clouds? Look no further...Wordsalad is here and FREE! Wordsalad makes beautiful word clouds, customized with different fonts, colors and word layouts. With Wordsalad offers the ability to save the word cloud to the camera roll, create PDF or share directly to Twitter. Also, within Wordsald there's a nice "magical wand" that will apply filters automatically for your choosing.

Features of Wordsalad:
  • Import any text from iOS clipboard with a single tap
  • Customize your salads with 8 great fonts
  • Color your salads with 8 great palettes
  • Feeling creative? WordSalad gives you 5 layouts to position your words
  • Save your salads to camera roll for later reuse and export them to pdf (with vector graphics!)
  • Share you salads to social networks
NOTE: Wordsalad has a watermark behind the word cloud with the free version. Once you download the free version, a paid version ($.99) can be purchased to remove the watermark.

Examples of word clouds created with Wordsalad:

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