Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mobile Apps for Administrators

Looking for apps for the iPad is a daily chore, so today when I came across this article by Steven Anderson I thought I would share. What I like about this list is you don't have to be an administrator to enjoy using these apps.

Google Drive -Where would I be with out Google Drive? Lost I am sure. My life is spent editing and creating documents, presentations and spreadsheets. And the ability to share those easily makes Google Drive my go-to app for editing, not only at the computer but on the go as well. I can edit, comment and view all my documents from this app, no matter where I am. So for the administrator, editing or viewing your school improvement plan, meeting agenda or walkthrough data can really increase productivity. (EXTRA: Google Drive app is free. Also look at GoDocs app for editing.)

Pocket - I am a huge, huge fan of this app. Whenever you are reading a blog or come across a webpage that you just don’t have time to check out or don’t want to save it to your bookmarks before you have a chance to look at it, you can Pocket. Adding items to your list is easy as a checkmark in the address bar and the app gives you online and offline access to your entire list. (EXTRA: formally known as Read it Later)

Zite - This is a Social Aggregator that takes topics you decide and pulls the most relevant stories related to those topics. They are then presenting and a pretty neat magazine format. And you can share what you read via Twitter, Facebook and email. So you can keep up with topics in education and share with your staff with ease. (EXTRA: free app, Google+ sharing, designed for both the iPad and the iPhone)

To read the rest of the article by Steven Anderson, click here. Also, read more on Steven Anderson's blog. You can follow Steven Anderson on Twitter at @web20classroom.

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