Sunday, February 10, 2013

Build Your Own Event App with Yapp

Build your own event app? Absolutely. Why am I just learning about Yapp? Today's post from Edudemic caught my eye with the words "event app." Each year my colleagues and I put together a virtual conference for our district. Yapp offers us a way to create an app for our conference. I could not be more ecstatic. Take a look at what Yapp can offer for you.

Special Features of Yapp:
☆ Invitation – Get all the key information in the palm of your hand
☆ Schedule – See up-to-the minute information so you know where to be when
☆ People – Get bios on people, sponsors, and key contacts
☆ News Feed – Connect with others and receive breaking news
☆ Photo sharing – Take and share photos. See official photos in the Gallery
☆ Offline browsing – See your content even if you are out of network range

NOTE: At this time you can only login with Yapp or create a Yapp account by logging into your Facebook account. Yapp has stated that they are working on another login solution but until then you can only use a Facebook account to login.

 Screenshots of Yapp:

 Yapp Tour Video:

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