Monday, February 4, 2013

Create and Publish with iBooks Author

The TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) conference starts today and I will be making posts on classes that I attend and how you can be a part of that learning experience. I start the day with the session "Create and Publish with iBooks Author." The purpose of the session is to learn to create your own interactive book using iBooks Author.

Educational Purposes:
  • Students publish their own work, individually or in groups.
  • Students develop a digital portfolio.
  • Teachers create curriculum books based on the needs in their class.
Tips and Tricks to Remember with iBooks Author:
  • The Table of Contents pages cannot be deleted.
  • Do not delete text boxes on the template.
  • Separate your content into sections and chapters.
  • Consider locking the orientation.
  • There is no spell check in iBooks author.
  • Pages can be inserted from Pages or Word document.
  • Need Numbers to create charts. Not editable once imported into iBooks Author.
  • Audio needs to be mp4 format.
  • Advised to keep book at 1GB (cannot be more than 2GB).
  • Review widget does not report data to you; it just allows the reader to participate.
  • allows you to use their free widgets unless you want to see your book. To use their widgets for a book for sell then you will have to pay for that widget.
  • Must use iTunesConnect to publish your free or paid book.
  • When preparing to publish a book be sure to include screen shots for previewing.
  • Don't forget to site sources and own the images submitting.
  • BEST Book for Quick Help (free):  Publishing with iBooks Author: An Introduction to Creating eBooks for the iPad by Nellie McKesson and Adam Witwer 
Bad News: iBooks Author software is only available for download for Mac computers. Sorry PC users you will have to find another format to create interactive books.

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