Monday, April 8, 2013

15 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

Social media offers great opportunities for learning, collaborating, and bringing together schools, students, teachers, and parents. Twitter is a great teaching tool at the secondary level. After reading many blogs and articles on using Twitter in the classroom, I compiled a list of practices by category that will offer guidance to teachers wanting to use Twitter in the classroom. 

  • Gather class comments: See how Monica Rankin uses weekly hashtags to gather comments, questions, and feedback that students used in class.
  • Twitter recaps: Teachers can summarize what has been learned in the classroom from reflections shared throughout the day.
  • Facilitate class discussions: Using hashtags, teachers can facilitate class discussions on units of study being taught, a book study, writing activities, science lab experiements, etc.
  • Keep students in the loop: Students not able to attend class can follow along with class conversations by following hashtags assigned to that class, subject material, topics, etc.
  • Post supplementary material: Tweet articles, interesting tidbits, etc that are relevant to classroom discussions.
  • Ask questions: Mr. Jason Blackmor, Chemistry teacher at Northwest HS, uses Twitter for students to ask questions about Chemistry problems. This provides assistance for students outside school hours and is essential for parents who are not able to offer academic assistance to their student(s).
  • Parent communication: Parents can learn about activities, test, projects and more by following teachers, school, athletics and district Twitter account.
  • Silencing blurters: For students who struggle with blurting out, allow them to tweet during instruction.
  • Partner with local organizations: Find and discuss community educational events on Twitter.
  • Conversations as public study tool: Students can look back at lecture discussion and read important points made on the Twitter timeline about that topic.
  • Gather real-world data: Search Twitter for data like temperatures, opinions, locations, interesting facts, etc.
  • Talk to career experts: High school students can explore career options by talking to professionals in the career they are considering.
Twitter Activities:
  • Twitter Book Club: Establish book clubs and assign hashtags for discussion.
  • Collaborative event watching: Students can watch important events like presidential debates, political speeches, etc. outside the classroom and continue the discussion in the classroom.
  • School field trips: Students can share experiences from school field trips or activities by using a common hashtag assigned to that particular trip.
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