Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Google Docs Voice Comments using 121 Writing

Need a new and fresh way of grading writing assignments? Want to give your students the ability to hear your praises and critiques? Then you need to try 121 Writing. 121 Writing, formally know as, allows users to add voice comments to a Google document.

How to Get Started:
  • First make sure you have a Google account.
  • Then go to 121 Writing website and connect 121 Writing to your Google Drive.
  • Once installed you will get the screen shot shown below with instructions on how to use 121 Writing.

Educational Benefits:
  • Students can hear your tone as you speak your comments on their Google doc.
  • A new way to grade papers without using the red pen.
  • Decrease grading time - speaking comments is faster than writing them.
See how Demo 121Writing works by clicking this link.

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  1. Love this, Kristie! How personal and meaningful for students.