Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fab Four Finds

Today marks the first post of "Friday Fab Four Finds." On Fridays, I will be sharing the fabulous four technology finds for the week. These "technology finds" may be tips, tricks, apps, web 2.0 tools, articles or any other items as deemed relevant to education. Some posts may include using technology with a new twist, new technologies, or maybe even forgotten technologies. With that said, here are the Friday Fab Four Finds for this week. This week's finds are great for teachers to use for starting the 2013-14 school year.

1. Use Section Headers to Add Passages to Google Forms (via Make-Use-Of)
     ☆ This is great for teachers who want to add a passage and then have a question to follow.
     ☆ Student responses in Google Forms appear as a spreadsheet in your Google Drive. YAY!
     ☆ Click this link to learn how to add a section header to Google Forms.
2. Use Remind 101 to Engage Parents with Technology
     ☆ This free service gives you the ability to send short one-way text messages via the web or app.
     ☆ Start now sending class updates to parents or students.
     ☆ Click here to learn more.

3. Use Socrative to Collect Fun Facts about Students
     ☆ Socrative is a free learning responses system.
     ☆ Use the short answer questions to collect data and then download report to an Excel file.
     ☆ Click here to see how it works.

4. Use Fotobabble to Make Classroom Policies and Procedure Audible
     ☆ Fotobabble allows users to add audio to a photo.
     ☆ Scan/Save documents as jpeg image, add to Fotobabble and then add your voice to the document
     ☆ Give your syllabus, classroom procedures, etc a fresh new look...a look with an added voice!

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