Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Fab Four Finds

Find #1: App for Downloading Videos
Video Download Plus App for iPhone/iPad - Free at this time
   * Download videos from any site to watch later without internet connection.
   * One-touch download
   * Full featured safari like web browser
Benefit: Download YouTube videos and playback in wifi needed!

Find #2: New Features in Poll Everywhere
Click here to read more about the new features.

Find #3: Class Messenger App
Class Messenger is a private messaging service to keep Teachers, Parents and Students in sync. Teachers use the mobile app and website to create quick short form messages in categories like Homework, Reminders, Surveys, etc. Parents and students get their messages from the app, website, email, push notification or even text message. It’s private, two-way, direct and ensures that everyone stays informed. Download app here. Read more about the service by clicking this link.

Find #4: Flocabulary's Week in Rap - 2013 Summer Recap
Each week Flocabulary puts out a video called "The Week in Rap" which is intended for grades 5-12. The videos are a recap of what has transpired around the globe during the week. What a great tool for history teachers. Take time to view the quality videos available by Flocabulary. While you are there surf the site for other free video sources. Watch the 2013 Summer Recap video.

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