Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits: Uexpected Ways to Use Dropbox

Ways to Use Dropbox other than Storage:

Open PDFs saved in Dropbox in iBooks or other PDF apps
  • Find PDF files saved in Dropbox. Tap the "open in" button and choose iBooks or any app that allows for PDF file viewing.
Email Files to Dropbox as Attachments
  • Email files to your Dropbox account as attachments for later use.
  • SendToDropbox creates an email address for your Dropbox and allows you to send files to it from anywhere. 
Send and Receive Large Files using DropItTOme
  • Set up an upload address using DropItTOme.
  • A password can also be set.
Stream Music from the Cloud
  • Drag and drop music files to your Dropbox desktop app.
  • You can also upload files from the Dropbox web application. 
Share Music with Friends
  • Once music is stored on Dropbox, click the chain link next to the music or folder and share the file with your friends.
Make your Dropbox Documents folder your "My Documents" Folder
  • Moving your 'My Documents' folder to your Dropbox account can help you keep everything in sync. 

Sign-up for Dropbox by clicking this link.

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