Monday, November 11, 2013

10 iPad Features Every iPad Owner Should Know

iOS 7 is here so don't miss out what it can do for you in your classroom and home. Here are ten features highlighted by Steve Lai and Jonathan Wylie. Click here to read the entire article.

Here is a glimpse of the features but be sure to read the article for an explanation of each.
  1. How to Multitask and Kill Apps that Misbehave!
    • Did you know you could swipe two apps at once to kill them? Way cool!
  2. How to take Screenshots on iPad or iPhone
    • Open screenshots in apps that allow for annotation. This is a great way to describe what you are teaching or learning.
  3. How to Enable Speak Selection
    • Speak selection able users to hear pronunciations or have text read to them. Just think of the possibilities for struggling readers in your classroom.
  4. How to Lock the iPad on One App
    • This is a great feature for younger students or students who struggle staying on task. It locks the user on an app of your choice.
  5. How to Automatically Download App Updates
    • This one has its pros and cons. Pro - it updates your apps automatically. Con - a good feature of an app could be removed that you do not want to lose. 
  6. How to Search on Your iPad
    • You can set items that you wish to search under Settings/General/Spotlight Search.
  7. How to AirPlay
    • Click here for an Educator's Guide to AirPlay in the Classroom
  8. How to Make the Text in iOS 7 More Readable
    • Hooray for BOLD text. 
  9. How to Delete Individual iMessages & Texts in the Messages App
    • The "edit" button is now the "more" button for deleting individual text messages within the thread.
  10. How to use AirDrop
    • The new file transfer system is worth a try.

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