Monday, March 3, 2014

Chrome Extensions for Educators

Google Chrome is my favorite browser and once again I have found more Chrome Extensions that benefit the life of an educator. Just in case you are new to Chrome extensions let me clarify...Chrome extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. Once downloaded, extensions are added next to the URL window.  Below is an extensive list of my new favorites. For an ongoing list of Chrome Extensions, check out my Smore.

Turn Off the Lights
This extension allows to you blackout all information on a webpage except the video. This is a great extension when using YouTube in the classroom because the videos shown on the sidebar will be blacked out.

Magic Actions for YouTube
This extensions is great for YouTube videos. Features include videos played in HD, ads blocked, 1-click for cinema mode so the whole page is shaded. A great extension for educators using YouTube in the classroom.

Print Friendly
This extension takes any website and converts it to a PDF file. For educators this means you can take any article from the internet and convert it to a PDF in one click. Other features: change font size, delete text/unwanted ads/images.

Dot ePub
This extension takes any website and converts it an ePub book. Download webpages to any device: eReaders, tablets, smartphones, netbooks, desktop computers. Compatible with Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and many more.

This extension instantly shortens links with, copies them to your clipboard, and generates a QR code. By clicking on the QR code it will be copied to your clipboard. It's a great way to share websites with students via a shorten URL or a QR code.

Explain and Send Screenshots
This extension allows users to capture a webpage, write text on it, draw circles or arrows on it, and then share a direct link of the screenshot. Great for educators to use to annotate over websites that are used as tools in the classroom.

AdBlock Plus
This extension blocks annoying ads in YouTube, Facebook, banners, pop-ups and all obtrusive ads. Once enabled the user can see the number of ads blocked in the extension. Also the blocked ad leaves the screen white where an ad would normally be located.

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