Monday, September 22, 2014

Classflow + ActivInspire + Mobile Devices

The ultimate app smashing is now available through a website called CLASSFLOW. What is Classflow you may ask? It is all-in-one teaching tool that let's the user import Promethean flipcharts and then send "cards" (what we view as slides) to students on iOS or Android devices via the free student app. The best part of Classflow is that you do not have to recreate lessons. If you are using ActivInspire and have flipcharts already created then those can be imported with Classflow.

What can teachers do with Classflow:
  • Deliver interactive multi-media lessons throughout your connected classroom via...
    • iOS, Android, Windows 8 apps OR any device with a web browser.
    • Classflow teacher app to move throughout your classroom, navigating your lesson content, sharing content with your students all from your tablet (wirelessly).
  • Receive real-time insight into student learning and progress through formative assessment. 
    • Assess student learning with a broad range of question types - creative response, text, multiple choice, equation, sort in order, etc.
    • Share real-time student progress
  • Customize multi-media lesson content
    • Organize students into different learning groups and then assign content to those groups.
  • Create and store your lessons
    • Use SMART notebooks, PDFs, Promethean ActivInspire flipcharts, Microsoft Word and PowerPoints, etc.
    • Search and import files from Google Drive and Dropbox.
Things to know about Classflow:
  • Students join a class via a class code. No email is needed to register. Student apps are free at iTunes store, Google Play store and Windows Store.
  • Content inside a lesson are not automatically sent to a student when they join the class. The teacher must send each card (slide) to the student user. 
  • Some ActivInspire features are not functional when flipcharts are imported. See the list here.
  • When using iOS devices change the Auto-Lock feature to "NEVER" so students are not logged out of the session. 
  • Classflow has great video guides on YouTube - click here for the channel. 

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