Monday, September 15, 2014

Make Any Video a Lesson

"Teachers who use instructional video report that their students retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning."~NTTI. Using videos take students to places that may not be able to go...field trips, inside the body, outer space, or around the globe. Videos can illustrate complex concepts that in other realms are not visible for students. Videos can bring literature to life. By using videos in the classroom, a teacher can reach visual learners and engage students.

Read about my two favorite new video tools that allow you to make any video a lesson.

My first find is EDpuzzle. EDpuzzle is a free webtool that allows the end user to:
  • take any video off the web or from your file
  • crop the video
  • add voice over
  • add audio notes
  • embed quiz questions
  • create a class and have students join with a generated code
  • assign videos to a class
  • share video creations via social media or a web link
  • monitor student progress
  • block skipping ahead in video assignment
  • watch and take quizzes using the new iOS app
Here are a few dislikes I have with EDpuzzle:
  • You cannot show different parts of the same video or combine two or more videos into one assignment (you must create a separate assignment for each “chunk” of video).
  • You cannot rearrange the order of video assignments within a class (although you can hack this by numbering the video assignments when you name them).
  • No partial voiceovers – you must either record an audio track for the entire video or none at all.
  • Link to assignments for students require login
Try the new EDpuzzle iOS app for students. Much better viewing display on the app vs. the web. 

Make second find is Zaption. Zaption has a free version and a paid version. See features listed below:
  • records skips
  • add questions and make them required
  • pro users can put students into groups (paid version)
  • integrates with Canvas LMS
  • import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, your computer
    • with pro account you can add multiple videos
  • Can add these tools to your video (free account):
    • Text slide
    • Image slide
    • Drawing
    • Open Response Question
    • Multiple Choice Question
    • Checkbox Question
    • Numerical response question (pro feature)
    • Drawn response (pro)
    • Discussion (pro)
    • Reply (pro)
    • Jump (pro)

"Video Strategies." National Teacher Training Institute. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Sept. 2014.

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