Friday, December 12, 2014

Best Google Chrome Extensions

Ok, I admit it. I'm LAZY! (For the lack of a better word, I chose that one.) I love to work. I work way too much. But when it comes to technology I want the quickest and fastest and shortest distance to where I need to go. So I wouldn't really call me lazy, more like EFFICIENT! If there is a way to do something in "one" click instead of "click, click, click" then I am all over it. Hence, why I am obsessed with Google Chrome Extensions. What is a Chrome Extension? I'm glad you asked. Chrome Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. In layman's terms, it means I can just "click" something once and it can accomplish the task I need it to perform minus the "click, click, click." I thought I would share some of this efficiency with you by creating a ThingLink with all my favorite Chrome Extensions. You can hover over the picture and see a brief description of each Extension. If you click on the Extension it will take you to the Chrome Web Store where you can read more details or download. Take a minute and try out some of these Extensions.

I'll be nice and give you the TOP FIVE I use on a daily basis:
  1. ABP - AdBlockPlus - it blocks advertisements on webpages. This is great when you are browsing YouTube. NO ADS!
  2.  Hootsuite - this Twitter extension let's you post directly from a website. 
  3.  Tab Scissors and  Tab Glue - these extensions work together allowing you to cut your tabs in half and then gluing them back together. 
  4. One Tab - this extensions saves all the tabs you have open. You can name the link and share with others. 
  5.  ShortenMe - shorten URLs and have a QR code for websites you have open with this extension.
Access the ThingLink by clicking here

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