Sunday, December 7, 2014

Confession #2 - I Can't Live without iOS 8

I LOVE my iOS devices and iOS 8. I find myself wondering how I functioned before this update. Technology is ever changing and I love when there are more efficient ways to be productive. If you have not updated to iOS 8, now is a great time. Take a look at some of my favorite new features. Leave a comment on this post of your favorite feature(s).

Send an Audio Message
In Messages, touch and hold the record audio button to record. Swipe up to send the recording. To delete it instead, swipe left. I found this works best with the headphones/ microphone. 

Quickly Respond to a Notification
Slide a notification up to dismiss it, or pull it down to reveal actions you can take. For example, with an iMessage, pull down and you can reply right there.

Keep Text Notifications Quiet
Mute notifications for a conversation — handy for, say, a busy group discussion. While viewing the thread, tap Details, then tap Do Not Disturb.

Reach your Favorite People
Double-click the Home button, then tap a favorite or recent contact to call or message. You can add a person to Favorites in Phone.

Gather your Best Shots in One Album
Tap the to select pictures you love, and they’re automatically gathered in the Favorites album.

Take Selfies on a Timer
Use the shutter timer to include yourself in your photos. Frame your shot, tap the and the number of seconds, then tap the shutter button and jump into the shot.

To see the full list of the iOS 8 Tips for iPhones and iPads, click on this link or scan the QR code to the left.

Be sure to leave your favorite tip in the comments section.

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