Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Confession #3: I'm a Apple Person Who Secretly Loves Windows

I LOVE Apple products. I mean L-O-V-E. I only own Apple products. If you ask me for a recommendation on buying a desktop, laptop or tablet I will always tell you the advantages of owning an Apple device. With that said, I have a secret. Sssshhh...I secretly love tools in Windows 7 and use them regularly on my PC at work. Now I know that there are ways to integrate Windows on a Mac, but every piece of research I've read all say "Windows programs won’t be as integrated or work as well." So I turn to my trusty PC to use these two tools. 

Here are my two favorite tools that I can't live without: 
1) Snipping Tool - captures a screen shot of anything on your desktop, like a picture or a section of webpage. Snip a whole window, a rectangular section of the screen, or draw a freehand outline with your mouse. Then annotate, save, or e-mail the image.

2) Problem Step Recorder -  is intended for users to capture step by step actions and screenshots to illustrate a problem. If you create a lot of documents with screenshots or need to document a procedure, this tool can save you a lot of time.  

If you have Windows 7, go to START, type "snip" in the search box to access the Snipping Tool or type "step" in the search box to access the Problem Step Recorder. Be sure to give these two tools a try. They will save you hours of time when creating documents. 

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