Friday, December 19, 2014

Stinkin' Smartphone is TOO Smart

Stinkin' smart phone is so smart. Just when I think I have my iPhone figured out, I learn something new. Here are just a few of my favorite tips and tricks when using my phone. If you have an iPhone take a minute to read a few tips for using iOS 8. Scroll to the bottom to access the full articles.

Add Audio Clips to Messages
Let’s face it: Siri isn’t entirely dependable when it comes to getting our words right in a hands-free text. Well, why have her write anything at all? To the right of the compose field in Messages you’ll find a new microphone icon — tap and hold it for a radial menu that lets you quickly record audio clips and send them with a flick of your thumb.

A Better Notification Banner
One of the most sought-after iOS features has finally arrived. When a notification banner pops up you can tap it to go to the app or flick it away as always, but pulling it down no longer opens the obtrusive Notification Center. Instead, you get a pair of options that allow you to quickly take action without leaving the app you’re in. Hooray!

Text Message Tools: DND or Leave Conversation
Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this: A friend includes you in a group message that gets out of control and your phone ends up buzzing every few seconds with responses you have no interest in reading. Apple has finally given us a way out in iOS 8. Click on the Details button and you’ll be able to turn on Do Not Disturb, which will stop your phone from lighting up every time someone in the group sends a new message. And if that’s not good enough, Apple even lets you discretely leave the conversation altogether.

Take Selfies on a Timer
I live with teenage girls so you can imagine that this was the first thing they showed me that their phone could do with iOS 8. Of course if you are going to take a selfie you need a way for your phone to stand up. Check out these cases with "kickstands." iPhone 4.4s,5 stands and iPhone 6 cases.

Edit the Voice in Maps
When using the Apple Maps app you can now edit the voice volume. Just click the microphone icon in the bottom right hand corner to get a Navigation Voice screen. Choose options for the sound level or mute entirely.

Travel Time Notifications
When Mavericks brought Maps to OS X, Apple added a neat feature called Travel Time Notifications that took distance into account when scheduling your appointments. When editing a Calendar event, toggle on Travel Time and you’ll be able to add up to two hours to the start of your event or approximate travel time based on location, so you’ll know when you need to get to your next appointment, not just when you’re about to be late for it.

To see the whole list of tips when using your iPhone you can check out both of these sites: Apple iPhone Tips and Tricks and 75 iOS 8 Tips and Tricks by MacLife.

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