Monday, January 19, 2015

Confession #4 - Google Chrome Saved My Life

It's true...Google Chrome saved my life because it gave me back time and energy I was losing on other web browsers. We live in a fast-paced, busy world. So when I switch from Safari (on my home computer) and Firefox and Internet Explorer (on my work computer), I felt like life slowed down a bit for me. At home, we have only Apple computers. At work, I use a PC. Using the internet was so frustrating for me because I had to remember what bookmarks I had saved and where I saved them, etc. Then I switched to Google Chrome Browser and things began to change. Here are some key features that caused me to drop Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Syncs Across All Devices
There is a single login with Google Chrome. Once you are logged in all your bookmarks, extensions, apps, passwords (not that I save passwords automatically...I'd rather not do that on a computer) appear/save on all devices. No imports/exports of bookmarks is needed. If I bookmark a website at work it will also appear on my home computer. Let's be real. How many of us really finish our work at work? There is always that "one last thing" that I didn't get finished during the work hours and need to work on at home.

Chrome Extensions ROCK
I'm a huge fan of Chrome Extensions, those little extra features and functionality added to your web browser. I've said before that I'm a fan of the "one-click" button. If I have a task when using the internet and there is an extension that can let me perform that task in ONE click, then sign me up. Chrome Extensions serve many purposes like 1) making an article on the internet a PDF file without images or advertisements, 2) blocking inappropriate advertisements from websites, 3) splitting your screen into half, 4) shortening a long URL, or 5) summarizing an article for you. Here's a link to some of my favorite and most used Chrome Extensions.

Bookmark Naming with Icons
I have a million bookmarks. Well, maybe not a million, but I do have a ton websites that I bookmark. What I love about Google Chrome is that it allows you to skip "name the bookmark" and just use the icon that comes with the website. For instance, when I bookmarked Twitter, I did not have to keep the name "Twitter" on my bookmark bar. The Twitter bird icon appeared. By doing this I freed up room on my bookmark bar to add more bookmarks. Here's a sample of my bookmark bar. Maybe you recognize some of the icons.
Eduphoria, BlogLovin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, MailChimp, ThingLink, etc

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