Sunday, January 25, 2015

Confession #5 : My name is Kristie and I'm a Fontaholic

I cannot lie. I love fonts and all things graphically appeasing to the eye. I think the main reason I love fonts is that my learning style tends to swing more toward a visual learner. For instance, visual learners are known to:
  • Remember faces but forget me! I apologize ahead of time. 
  • Have a good sense of direction...just ask my directionally challenged husband.
  • Be good with maps.
  • Often appear to be daydreaming...accused of that often. 
  • Make (but not always remember to follow) 'to-do' lists...I love POST-IT NOTES.
  • Notice changes in appearance (in both people and physical spaces)...ALL the time.
  • Be quiet and sometimes shy...ok, maybe not so in my case.
  • Remain focused when working.
  • Enjoy Nook app is FULL!!
  • Have a good sense of fashion...YES, I'll take that one!
  • Scribble and draw when bored...guilty.
  • Have good handwriting...working to make my handwriting a font. 
  • Be tidy and organized, sometimes to the point of meticulousness...sorry!!
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Make plans for the future. 
As much as I love fonts, and I promise to share my list of fonts to download at the end of the post, it is more than just loving fonts. To clarify, it is the visual aspect that is appealing to me. A characteristic trait that stems from how I process information. When words and concepts are associated with images then learning is easier to retain. 

How Visual Learning Helps Students:
  1. Helps students clarify their thoughts.
  2. Helps students organize and analyze information.
  3. Helps students integrate new knowledge.
  4. Helps students think critically. 
Finally, for those that are truly interested in having the link to all the fonts I use, click here

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